The voyage and the guesthouse

Meditation tonight was much better than last night. My nasal passages are still a bit congested, but I could breathe through them while I was sitting. Perhaps it was just that that made all the difference.

Started sitting in sukhasana but felt tightness and a little pain around hip joints and switched to vajrasana, with the zafu between my legs supporting my sit bones. That worked out well.

Doing my body scan chakra by chakra from crown to root kept my attention focused on it. Stayed at least two breath cycles with attention centering on each chakra. Finished with hands and feet chakras, important to include in a body scan.

For much of the rest of my session, I felt quietly peaceful and blissful. Thoughts arose and dissolved without much ado.

Does a thought exist if I don’t notice it? It seems to me that thoughts do exist when I’m heading into “not noticing” territory. They are almost weightless then. They might not make sense. They might even be in a foreign language. Strings of words pass through.

I almost forgot to meditate today. I didn’t sit early because I wanted to rest as much as I could before going to work. Forget it, at work. After work, I picked up my granddaughter and we hung out together until nearly 10. I was putting her to sleep and falling asleep myself when I remembered.

I feel like much of this first month has been learning how to navigate in meditation. Landmarks, processes, vocabulary.

I understand the metaphor of the voyage, meditation as an inner journey. Also, I don’t have to go anywhere–it all comes to me, or through me–the metaphor of the guesthouse.

Both metaphors work for me.

2 thoughts on “The voyage and the guesthouse

  1. You are a lovely writer, I felt as though I was there with you . I am glad that I connected with you. You are indeed a light that I wish to dwell with. Faithfully, Deborah Grace


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