Life and love are synonymous

Today is Valentine’s Day and also Chinese New Year. The zendo was packed this morning. I usually see Peg on Sunday mornings, but not today — I got there a little later than usual, not expecting a group of people in line ahead of me, waiting to see her. She didn’t have time to see everyone, including me.

I did a walking meditation, a seated meditation, another walking meditation, and then it was time for the service.

Peg passed out a reading, which we all read together aloud and then discussed. My Valentine’s Day gift to you, dear readers, is to share the text. My skills in formatting in WordPress are not that developed, so imagine this, in the shape of a heart.

Love Beyond Emotion, by Ligia Dantes, from The Unmanifest Self: Transcending the Limits of Ordinary Consciousness

As long as our relationships are dependent on our emotional state, we cannot enjoy peace among others or within ourselves. Emotions swing between extremes and are too varied in intensity for the entire human organism to live a harmonious life. A change in this way of functioning is desperately needed if peace is to prevail in the world.

Love is true neutrality; it does not judge or evaluate. It does not feel good or bad; since it is not mere thought, it does not change into an opposite. It does not like or dislike. It does not blame, so it does not need to forgive. It does not have choices or preferences, opinions or positions. It does not dictate, is not authoritative.

Love does not differentiate between life and death. It has no expectations other than what is. Love is not an ideal to venerate; it cannot be known through knowledge or thought. Love is not words, but the energy of life itself without opposites, without death.

Love is a way of being, experienced by humans and visible only in our actions. Life and love are synonymous. They are the eternal activity of universal energy without boundaries, movement, or form.

Love, being all-encompassing, is the context of all contents of the universe, and thus is infinite. And what is infinite cannot be known within the finite mind. Only in a state of being that is beyond the finite human mind-form can love be the manifest. Thus love is manifest-unmanifest, form and emptiness. Our minds can express it only in paradox.

Love is all life is and, as such, can only be lived.

I like the equation of love being the energy of life itself, visible only in our actions.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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