Being present in my own life more

Ha! I am just this minute getting off the zafu. Just as the pain in my hips really got to me, and I thought, “I have to move — this is unbearable,” the chimes went off. The pain had been mostly in the background until that moment. Little victory dance!

It’s been about six weeks since I began meditating daily. I’ve written about my experiences on the mat, the insights gained.

Today I want to convey more about my experiences off the zafu — how meditation has carried over into my non-sitting life.

It hasn’t solved my problems or made them go away. Well, maybe some minor problems became non-problems, while others have become clearer, standing out in more relief.

It does seem to have given me more faith that when it’s time to make decisions, I will make the right decisions. I have less trepidation about going through life. I am an Enneagram type 5, a fear-based person. This is a good thing, people.

Meditation may have changed how I relate to time. It feels like there’s more “now”, that time passes more slowly, or it may be that I notice more. Noticing more on the mat extends to off-the-mat awareness as well.

I seem to have more patience, more ability to allow moments to unfold, without jumping to conclusions or having knee-jerk reactions. Not that I never do that any more! Not at all. But I do that less, and I stay present more.

This feels like a kind of grace to me. A slow, ineffable, deepening, widening process of getting in touch with my own humanness is occurring, concomitant with becoming a daily meditator.

I don’t want to miss out on my own life any more, the life that happens when you’re making other plans, you know?

It’s working.


2 thoughts on “Being present in my own life more

  1. I DO know what you mean about not wanting to miss out on one’s own life. I’m an excellent planner 🙂 but sometimes I accidentally end up missing the wonderful moment I’ve worked so hard to create! I’ve started taking a few minutes every day to drag myself away from the computer and people and just look at the sky or my garden. I’ve also started scheduling days and weekends that are computer- and plan-free, so I can exercises that in-the-moment part of me that’s so good at enjoying things.


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