article: Damage to One Brain Region Can Boost “Transcendent” Feelings

I like learning about scientific discoveries, especially those that have to do with health and well-being and the brain. Sometimes the findings are surprising to me, and often I feel happy for scientists to be learning something that I already “know” is true! Because scientists learn using a painstaking method. I am not often painstaking, not a scientist.

But then, I could be wrong. It’s all a hypothesis to me–if a belief works, use it. If not, discard it. My Museum of Old Beliefs is vast!

Often these reports on scientific discoveries add to my knowledge about how the body-mind works because they contain details about areas like anatomy that I am finding more and more interesting. I have been buying picture books about anatomy. I don’t know where if anywhere this is leading, but I’m finding it more and more interesting.

I will post links on this blog to articles I come across that are interesting to me. Here’s the first one:


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