Fitting into the benevolent force field

Sitting tonight, just now, in ardha padmasana, half lotus, I felt pressure about my head, heart, and hands, as if some external force was holding my body in place.

It was as if my body fit exactly into a hole in some kind of benevolent force field that had more force in those three areas of my body.

Then, mind wandering, images of large fish swimming around me, brushing up against me.

Later, some pain, going into the pain, inquiring into it, being patient with it. Feeling it as a structure that provides stability. I only felt it on the left side of my body — it is serving some purpose of providing stability.

Then pain in that place dissolved, while pain elsewhere arose.

I notice I seem to have settled on half lotus as the best pose for me at this time. I can hold it for 30 minutes. I also alternate the top leg.

Good night.


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