Pink noise, bad memory

Got up early, sat before work, and right now I cannot remember anything clearly about sitting this morning, except that I did it! No big or small realizations, no startling insights, not even small moments stand out in my memory.

So there you have it. Nothing to write about. The blogger’s worst nightmare. Oh, well!

I did read something today that may be of interest to you — it was news to me. Apparently some film geeks (or attention geeks, or psychologists) broke down a bunch of movies into scenes and shots and compared them to the natural human pattern of attention. Here are some excerpts:

Pink noise is a characteristic signal profile seated somewhere between random and rigid, and for utterly mysterious reasons, our world is ablush with it….

Hollywood filmmakers, whether they know it or not, have become steadily more adroit at shaping basic movie structure to match the pulsatile, half-smooth, half-raggedy way we attend to the world around us….

Track the pulsings of a quasar, the beatings of a heart, the flow of the tides, the bunchings and thinnings of traffic, or the gyrations of the stock market, and the data points will graph out as pink noise. Much recent evidence from reaction-time experiments suggests that we think, focus and refocus our minds, all at the speed of pink.

I wonder how meditation affects one’s signal profile.¬†Food for thought! Pulsatile food for thought, that is.

I had never seen or heard the word pulsatile before. I looked it up. It means:

Undergoing pulsation; vibrating.

Not sure why the writer didn’t choose pulsating. (Just my mind at work.)

Here’s the link if you want to read the whole article:

And here’s a link to a UT/Austin website about white, brown, and pink noise. Scroll down for findings about noise and people with ADHD and recovering alcoholics:


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