Conflict, struggle, resolution

Squeezed in a sitting between work and a meetup tonight. I had had a difficult interaction with a colleague earlier and was in a perturbed state.

I don’t think I ever completed my body scan. My thoughts and feelings were very attracted to this incident and what it means.

Yet I could just notice that I was unusually distracted, with a lot of emotion centering around this incident, and be with those thoughts of being misunderstood, being wronged, and imaginging having a confrontation about it or just leaving my job. Noticing how much my ego wants to be on top and have everything my/its way.

Feeling compassion for my small self.

There were a few moments of being able to clear these thoughts and feelings and just be. In contrast to the agitation, those moments were precious.

I enjoyed later hearing from a friend who told me she really enjoys reading my blog because it’s been instructive for when/if she ever decides to start a daily practice. Thank you, Victoria!

Now, many hours later, I feel better, more capable of dealing with it well, of finding a positive solution, of asking the right questions.

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