New sensations, wondering about readers

I’ve noticed for a couple of weeks intermittent new and pleasurable sensations running from my sacrum down the outside of my left leg. Then I felt them on my right leg.

Thoughts: Hallelujah! The chiropractic work is really working. The S2 nerve is coming back, and my GB meridian is finally opening up. Patrice will be so happy!

Generally what I’ve been noticing is feeling more sensations on the left side of my body. I feel more tingly and alive.

I also realized recently that I’ve been habitually walking with my torso slightly bent forward from the hips. That’s to avoid pain in my SI joint, which is almost gone! I’m learning to rebalance my torso on my hips.

Last night I spoke to someone who occasionally reads my blog posts on Facebook. (Hi, Dale!) ┬áIt’s gratifying to hear from readers — in person, on Facebook, on this blog. I appreciate your interest and spoken and unspoken support. I know you’re out there, those who don’t respond. That’s fine.

Sometimes this blogging is lonely. I basically am an explorer reporting back on my explorations, a journalist of sitting meditation. Although millions around the world engage in this practice, no one has been here before, because it’s my journey, my guesthouse.

I wonder if people who read this blog have been surprised by the number of issues I have with my body — with pain, recovery, frustration, ignorance, stability, confidence, and so on.

These issues for me are part and parcel of learning how to sit for 30 minutes. Sounds simple enough, huh? Yet I have been told the physical issues never go away.

So it’s about developing skill. For that, I have to pay attention. And maybe, just maybe, that’s the point.


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