Who should meditate

I was thinking this evening of how meditation has been  helpful to me and who meditation can help. I  know many people (all meditators, of course!) believe everyone should meditate.

Perhaps at some point one becomes so skilled at meditation that it becomes a state of awareness from which one lives. I notice I’m getting more that way with yoga, doing cat-cow at red lights and spinal twists after sitting at my desk for awehile. I don’t really plan it or think about it. It’s instinct, a reflex now.

There are prerequisites for meditation, like the ability to be still and silent while awake, the capacity to pay attention, the courage to notice what is and just be with it, and the diligence to do these things over and over and over again, day after day after day.

In my 4 years of meditation experience, it seems to me that meditation is helpful when:

  • you want or need to get centered in your own life
  • you are bored with your life
  • you are going through a lot of change
  • you sense change coming and  you want to be prepared
  • you want to change but you don’t know what to change or how
  • you feel stressed
  • you or someone you are close to is having difficulty with life
  • you’d like to get more familiar with your whole self
  • you’d like to get more familiar with aspects of yourself, such as the connection between your thoughts and emotions, or become aware of stress earlier
  • you are willing to experience your own suffering instead of numbing out
  • you are willing to at least sometimes separate your story from your actual experience
  • you love peace and quiet
  • you would like to discover the bliss of emptiness

Any readers want to chime in on who should/should not meditate and when meditation is helpful?

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