Meditating with thunder, rain, sirens

Just finished sitting a little while ago, accompanied by the sounds of raindrops, wet traffic, an ear-splitting peal of thunder that set off distant car alarms and made me jump, and sirens.

I enjoy meditating in the early evening. Lately I’ve been sitting later, when I’m already tired.

I still hope at some point to meditate early in the day. Occasionally I do, but usually I don’t get up early enough to sit and get to work on time. I haven’t pushed myself enough to make that a habit. Yet.

I guess one difference is that early in the day, beginner’s mind. Later in the day, elder’s mind.

I also hope at some point to do both: sit early and sit late.

I probably do too much.

Today feels different because it’s not just any old Saturday. I’m taking a week off from my job, so today is my first day of vacation. It’s a stay-at-home vacation, a welcome change of pace. And I’ve got a lot to do, but also will have more downtime than usual. Maybe I will sit twice some days!

I realized earlier today while driving that the sensation I’ve been getting in the center of my chest for the past few weeks and thought was a variation of anxiety may actually be related to drinking too-strong yerba mate.

I’m going to avoid it for a few days and see if the sensation goes away.

Meditation has helped me become more sensitive to my own body, and it  has helped me deepen my intuition. I don’t know this about the sensation and the yerba mate. The idea of these being connected just came to me as a hunch.

Tomorrow I plan to do my first one-day sitting at Appamada, which is offering these in the months without meditation retreats:

The longest I’ve ever sat before has been about 2.5 hours. I noticed afterward that I felt more centered and had more clarity than ever. I shall report on tomorrow’s experience!


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