What is this shimmery phosphorescence in the space between things?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted “My spiritual awakening story.” In hindsight, it would have better been named “A spiritual awakening story.” That one just happened to be dramatic and unusual. Actually now, I think they happen all the time on a micro level.

I’ve gotten some perspective on that. It seemed at the time (and until just now) to have happened out of the blue.

Of course it did not.

In the course of writing my yoga teacher bio a couple of days ago, I realized I had been doing yoga for several years when that event occurred. Yoga totally opens up the energy channels.  I was ripe for it to happen.

Too bad I didn’t have a network of fellow yogis to share with and learn from. And still, I paid attention to my chakras after that, and I knew that opening was good.

Today during my sitting, I experienced something much less dramatic that I’m still curious about.

I meditated for over an hour today, and I opened my eyes for quite a bit of that time.  When open, my eyes were in a soft, unfocused gaze similar to the peripheral vision gaze.

What I noticed was a barely noticeable phosphorescence between things – in the spaces between trees and rocks, trees and trees, rocks and water, earth and trees, water and trees, and so on.

It had a faint shimmery quality.

I’ve seen something similar around plants when nightwalking, but never in the daytime.

I thought to myself, either I’m seeing energy, or I’m seeing humidity!

If you have any knowledge or experience with this, I’d love to share – in the comments or offline.


2 thoughts on “What is this shimmery phosphorescence in the space between things?

  1. Hi MaryAnn. I often see what I describe as short wiggly lines in the space between things if I open my eyes during meditation. This is especially true if I’m looking outside and it’s light out. To me it reminds me of what you see looking at a drop of water under a microscope. I’ve wondered if I’m seeing energy or perhaps the quantum field??


    • I have no idea! Sometimes when gazing at a clear blue sky, it can appear — well, my best description is slightly pixellated. I don’t know what that’s about either. We do know the mind interprets the actual visual sensory signals the brain receives, filling in details, “making sense”. Our realities are more constructed than what we actually perceive. Thanks for commenting, Chelona!


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