Sitting on a boulder in a creek

Each season Appamada does an outdoor meditation on a trail west of town, nearly to 620. Today was the summer sit, the first one I’ve attended.

I enjoyed getting to sleep in a little bit today, since we didn’t start until 9. It was fun to meet up with sangha members and chat as we waited for others and got ready for the hike. Usually there’s no chatter on Sunday mornings until after service.

Wow. What a spectacular spot I found, atop a huge flat-topped limestone boulder in the middle of a creek. Luckily I had worn my VFF “toe” shoes and could wade out to it with no problem.

The cicadas totally dominated the sound scene, followed closely by the sound of small waterfalls. Really, those cicadas sounded very much like my tinnitus, only much louder and external. I chose to interpret their noise as life: the joyful fecund life of summer.  Will work on that with the tinnitus.

Just as I had gathered my stuff, feeling done, here comes the rest of the group. we were in sync.

My sangha is full of such happy, interesting people. Grateful!


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