Experience yourself not waiting

I’ve been trying to think of words to describe how I’m experiencing myself these days. It’s different than before I began “the year of sitting daily.”

Expanded. I am going through a period of expansion, and interestingly, there is more inward expansion than outward expansion, although both are happenin’.

My awareness of myself has increased and includes awareness of my being, not just awareness of my doing.

Friend Alan Steinborn posted this on Facebook: “waiting is purely psychological…”

I got juiced by experimenting with what it is like to not wait, to let go of waiting.

I responded, “wow, it is! what happens when you’re not waiting (and awake)?”

Alan responded, “basically, you know you are not waiting when ‘when’ carries no meaning….then what? just this…”


I invite you to do this little experiment. Experience yourself waiting (which I realize I do quite a lot without thinking about it).

Now experience yourself not waiting.

There’s a shift, yeah??? Which one do you like better?


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