Report on playing The Journey to Wild Divine

It’s fun! There are various tasks to perform that you control with your state. One task requires you to either breathe quickly or laugh — which raises your heart rate enough to pass to the next task.

I discovered the cable from the fingertip sensors to the blue “stone” wasn’t plugged in all the way, so I don’t have to ¬†use hand lotion to get good skin conductance after all.

I read the user manual and discovered that pressing the “m” key will display a map of the territory.

My favorite task so far is stacking rocks. A rock floats out above another rock, and only being steadily relaxed allows it to lower onto the rock below. When I got distracted, the rock would float up. Good way to learn steadiness of mind.

The task I’ve had the most difficulty with is Zen archery. I can pull the arrow back in the bow but haven’t figured out how to aim at the target. Got lucky once and hit the bull’s eye, but so far haven’t replicated that. You do use the mouse sometimes. I will figure it out with experimentation.

The user manual says there’s about 10 hours of play at a minimum, and then there’s an expansion pack.

It’s pretty exciting to play a video game and know that you are training yourself to achieve and maintain various states of consciousness in order to proceed!

I’m wondering how my 10-year-old granddaughter will like it. She’s used to the fast-paced Nintendo games. I think she’ll like the mythological setting of this game more than Mario Bros., but it may seem really slow to her. This may be more for adults.

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