Fire dancing over the heart center

My Free Day of Yoga restorative class was a success — more successful than I had anticipated. I had limited attendance to 6, but the Austin Chronicle’s listing of classes apparently omitted that detail. Nine people (most of whom I had not met before) found this small studio converted from a double garage — and I found a way to make it work. Yoga creates physical and metaphorical flexibility. We had 9 pairs of legs up the wall!

The sweetest sight was sitting silently, viewing everyone as they did savasana, knowing they were opened up energetically in a way not often experienced. We usually put our armor on when we leave the house in the morning and leave it on until we come home.

It was as if I could see a flame dancing above each person’s heart center. Okay, omit the “as if”. Sometimes seeing is not literally seeing.

For that, I am grateful.

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