Esoteric acupuncture: a recommendation

I’m making a recommendation. If you get acupuncture treatments and you already maintain a yoga and/or meditation practice, ask your acupuncturist about esoteric acupuncture.

I went to the AOMA student clinic last week. It was Acupuncture Week — appointments were free for new patients, half-price for existing patients. (I paid $15. Friend AOMA on Facebook to find out about specials like this.)

I wasn’t feeling badly at all — but that’s no reason not to get acupuncture! It’s highly preventive medicine, balancing the energy body before imbalances show up in the physical body as illness/disease, and I learned, it can also help you on your spiritual path.

I told the students attending me that I was a meditator. They asked about my concentration. I said it could use some work — monkey mind is still a fairly frequent visitor during my meditation sessions.

The students asked me if I’d ever heard of esoteric acupuncture. Nope.

They explained that it was developed by a California acupuncturist named Sankey, and it combines traditional Chinese acupuncture with the yogic/Ayurvedic chakra system, sacred geometry (which I’m not familiar with), and other practices of the energy/spiritual body.

What the heck! I was game. They consulted with their professor, who approved it.

I put on a gown and laid face down on the table. The needles start at the crown and go down the back. I rolled up my pants so the backs of my knees were bare.

The student acupuncturist was consulting his iPhone to see the points in which to insert the needles! They have to be inserted in a certain order, as well. I hardly felt any of them enter. The pattern felt surprisingly symmetrical.

Then he left the room.

For the next 25 minutes, I was in one of the most deeply relaxed states I’ve experienced. My consciousness faded in and out as I slowly wavered along the borderline between awareness and nonawareness. (Part of me wanted to witness the experience and kept coming up into awareness, noting how deep I had gone, and then going back under; otherwise, I might have been completely out the entire time.)

When the treatment was over, I was so relaxed, it took me awhile to “come back up” and be able to interact well and be really present with people. Fortunately, they’re used to this at AOMA!

The next morning, my meditation session was one of the best I’ve experienced. I felt more focused on whole body awareness than I ever have, with much less monkey mind.

Needles(s) to say, I’m planning to do it again!

A note: It may not do much for you unless you have already done some significant “awareness work” through yoga and/or meditation. My regular, long-time acupuncturist says:

it’s a japanese style that works great when you have already “arrived”- so yes, congratulations are definitely in order!


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