Downsizing, simplifying

Haven’t posted much lately because I have been getting my house ready to sell. There’s been yard work to do outside — pruning and sifting compost — and weeding through stuff inside that I’ve accumulated over 10 years.

I’m ready to downsize and radically simplify my life.

A few friends came over on Sunday and took art, furniture, and more. Lots of stuff went out to the curb for the city’s bulky item pickup, and most of it got picked over by resourceful scavengers long before the city trucks appeared today.

A big pile by the front door, gathered this evening, is waiting for my daughter to see if there’s anything she wants. The rest will go to Goodwill.

I love Goodwill.

This letting go feels so good! Like the more stuff I give away or sell, the  more space (and freedom) I feel in my life. I feel my energy brightening up.

Funny that I didn’t notice stuff weighing me down, holding me back, keeping me stuck — until all of a sudden I felt compelled to simplify.

A good question to bring into my life when it comes to material goods is, “Do I really, really need this?”

I’ve pared back on possessions a couple of times before. Moving is always a good occasion for it. But this time I will have even less stuff accompanying me into my new life.

Because really, how many teacups — with saucers — does one woman really need?

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