Now offering private yoga classes

I now offer one-on-one yoga classes. I can teach, coach, and help you develop a yoga practice, meeting at my home or traveling to your home.

I love working with beginning students interesting in discovering their “yoga bodies.” I’m good with alignment, having practiced Iyengar for years and taken my teacher training with an Iyengar-certified teacher. I can teach you the preliminary poses that prepare you for more difficult poses.

If your goal is to get stronger,and/or more flexible, to have more fluid movement, to release stress, to develop a daily home routine, or just have more yoga (in the largest sense of the word, connection between your bodymind and the Universe) in your life, I’m available.

I always work with where you are now and move toward where you want to be, adjusting for any issues that may arise.

I love working with beginning students of all ages, conditions, and sizes. That includes true yoga novices as well as those who have had a few studio yoga classes or who have practiced a bit with videos at home at home who want some one-on-one attention.

Because I’d like to get more experience, my rates are very reasonable — $30 for one hour or $120 per month for weekly one-hour sessions, and we can adjust time to more or less than an hour and more or less than weekly. (Traveling to your home costs more to cover the fuel and time.)

Private sessions through Yoga Yoga are $85 per hour, so this is bargain. See the Contact page of this blog for my email address, or call me if interested.

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