Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

And trembling, quivering, rocking, shivering, rolling, flapping…

Just got down for day two of my every-even-numbered-day-in-February practice of the trauma releasing exercises.

If you’ve done these exercises, I’d love to hear from you.

Several people have expressed an interest in learning how to do these, and I’m checking into teaching a class. I’d like to find a health-oriented office or clinic to sponsor and help publicize a class. Not everyone has access to (or learns best) from a book or video.

Anyone else interested?

I’ve realized several things:

  1. Before this challenge started, the trembling didn’t start for me until I got to Exercise 7. Upon closer reading, the trembling is supposed to start in Exercise 6! Now, after reading that, that’s when it starts for me. That shows how suggestible my mind is to another person’s authority!
  2. I realized that I had been suppressing my own body’s trauma/stress release response! That’s something to definitely get more aware of. How often do we disrespect our bodies and make them do what our minds will have them do? Often it’s for the sake of convenience or decorum! This is pretty huge.

What might the world be like if people recognized the effects of stress on their bodies felt compelled to release it so that it never built up and resulted in illness and discord?

World peace through the trauma releasing exercises!

Today my legs began to quiver about 35 seconds into Exercise 6. I noticed that sometimes I pressed my sacrum into the wall, and sometimes my thoracic vertebrae were pressing into the wall. The back of my head is constantly into the wall.

Also, it’s important in Exercise 6, Step 1, that your feet are further away from the wall than your knees. This makes sense to me as a yoga instructor. Protect your knees.

Note: In Exercise 6, Step 2, when you do a forward bend, you do not need to touch the floor with your hands, as shown in the illustration on page 184. This is impossible for many people. If you can’t do it, don’t be┬ádiscouraged. You can rest your hands on yoga blocks, a coffee table, a chair seat.

At first in Exercise 7, I had a lot of leg shaking. A lot. Then hands and forearms — and my right arm is shaking almost as much as my left, after months of nothing happening there.

I did some circular movements with my hands.

(It’s weird saying “I did…” because this is really involuntary movement. It was more like this: “At times my hands made movements that I recognized as circular.”)

And then my body went into gentle, rhythmic pelvic rocking. It felt soothing and comforting. Experiencing my body as this out of control is disconcerting, but I am getting more comfortable with it because of the relaxed emptiness that follows.

Then the leg quivering would return for a while. I cycled between these two patterns for a long time. I even stopped moving completely for a few seconds several times, and then my legs began trembling again.

Finally, I just knew I was finished for today. From the start to the end of Exercise 7 took about 12 minutes.

Right now I feel pleasantly relaxed and empty and slightly fatigued. Since it’s a snow holiday, I think I’ll take a little nap.


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