Today’s TRE experience

I’ve got to load my yoga props in my car, scoot out the door,¬†and head off to NLP master practitioner training, where I’m assisting, and then go directly to teach my restorative yoga class. So today, Feb. 6, my report will be short.

What I noticed this morning, sometime after I started doing the TRE exercises, is that my breathing had changed into quick inhalations through my nose and long, slow exhalations through my mouth. Like sighs. Sighs of relief, sighs of release. Ahhh.

Today I experienced more leg trembling and noticed a variety in the rhythms, from fast, hard shaking, which would slowly lessen, then come to a stop, and then repeat.

At times my knees were slamming into each other — good thing I’ve got a little padding there, or I might have bruises.

Only toward the end did I begin to do the pelvic rocking that rocks me all the way up my spine and head.

I stopped after 10 minutes because of time constraints. (Also, I confess, I only did Exercise 1 three times on each side.)

Here’s a video of Dr. David Berceli talking about how strange it looks and feels when you first do the TRE exercises. Basically he says it’s the ego that keeps us traumatized. In TRE, the body takes over from the ego. After the first minute or two, it feels relaxing.

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