Why yogis don’t meditate

Came across something else I wanted to repost tonight, this article from Elephant Journal on why yogis don’t meditate by Philip Goldberg.

Yep, asana is only one of the eight limbs of yoga, which is about quieting and calming the mind, or as some would say distancing from the mind. Patanjali had much to say about the mind, and little about asana.

After all, yoga is a philosophy with beliefs. It’s not just physical fitness.

My formerly daily meditation practice is in a slump right now. I miss it. Having the flu and then moving disrupted my life, although witness awareness has been keen through the many transitions.

I discovered Sunday that my meditation timer, which I was using to time long restorative yoga poses, seems to be broken.

However, I downloaded a timer app for my new iPhone that should serve well.

Now all I need to do is move the yoga blankets off my zafu and zabuton, and I’ll be meditating again.


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