Rest and relaxation bootcamp and desk yoga videos

I just realized a day or two ago that so many of my recent efforts — meditation, reiki, the trauma releasing exercises, learning and teaching restorative yoga — are not only healing, they also relax you.

Hmm. Methinks there’s probably a strong relationship between healing and relaxing.

Judith Lasater in her recent restorative yoga workshop in Austin said that human beings need activity, rest, and sleep.

Rest is the one we usually let go of first in the pressure to “keep up” and “have it all”. Then sleep.

It’s hard to set limits on activities. Let me practice that right now.

No thanks, I have just the right amount on my plate.

Really, do you know anyone who takes resting seriously? Who turns off their computer and phone regularly to do something relaxing? Something playful and not too competitive?

Remember when everything was closed on Sunday and it was truly a day off? Stores and offices and factories closed so employees could have time off with their families. It was the norm.

Now so much is available most or all the time. You can shop online at 3 am! Factories run 24/7. Banks are open on Saturdays. Some stores are open all night.

Pondering all this “need for speed,” I thought up a workshop title: Relaxation Bootcamp. Really. That’s what it might take for some people, the bootcamp approach.

I’d start with the trauma releasing exercises. All that quivering, trembling, and shaking is tension leaving your body!

Then some pranayama to balance the left and right hemispheres.

Then a long restorative yoga session followed by a reiki session followed by meditation

I have to ask myself,

Do I know who I am as a relaxed person?

What will it take to find out?

Am I addicted to stress?  

When do I feel relaxed yet aware?

As I ponder these questions, I am in the middle of a 3-month contract job. I usually eat at my desk and don’t take a lunch break. Being productive is my m.o.

Yet sometimes when I feel the tension building from sitting at a computer all day, I do a little desk yoga with Rodney Yee.

4 Minute Neck and Shoulder Stretch

4 Minute Upper and Lower Back Stretch

Puts a little spaciousness and flexibility back into my day.

I have a hunch this is a lifetime issue for me, something I need to learn for myself and master.

How about you? What would you include in your Relaxation Bootcamp?

2 thoughts on “Rest and relaxation bootcamp and desk yoga videos

  1. Knitting! No matter how tense I am, a little knitting brings me right down and focuses me on the task at hand. I love your phrase ‘addicted to stress.’ I need to think about that. I don’t know if I’m addicted, but it certainly is a habit that I am going to need practice to break.


    • Thanks so much for commenting, Martha! One thing I’ve learned is that when you bring your attention into your body, you experience a shift from beta brain waves to alpha waves and feel more relaxed. It makes sense that knitting, which so involves the hands, would be relaxing.

      I’m wondering if I took this temp job because I’m addicted to stress! There’s really a learning curve to living a more relaxed life. I want to learn, though!


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