Thank you, readers, for over 10,000 views

I checked my blog stats today, and it looks like sometime on Thursday, I passed 10,000 views of my blog, a milestone for sure in the past year and a half of blogging.

I also had my best two days ever this past week, 108 views on Monday and 116 views on Tuesday.

Thank you. I’m feeling like I have become a bit successful at blogging. I’m not just foolin’ around any more.

I have a few ideas about getting better too (most of which involve learning from someone whose blog I admire to get tips and techniques for better design and graphics).

Some of the most viewed pages, besides the home page (which changes with every new post), over the last 30 days include:

The most used search terms over the last 30 days include variants on “spartan trailer,” “trauma releasing exercises,” “cave of forgotten dreams,” “byron katie website,” “buddha’s brain review,” “maryann reynolds blog,” “effortless wellbeing,” and “fran bell”. 

Some of the more interesting search terms that led readers to my blog were:

  • “why do i feel pain in parts of my body”
  • “the right side of the brain is hit the left side of the body is affected”
  • “don’t meditate”
  • “is tim ferris into yoga?”
  • “jobs that are not corporate not sedentary”
Some of these might make good topics for posts. Tim Ferriss, are you listening?
Anyway, I just want to say thanks again for checking out my blog, reading stuff, leaving comments. I appreciate you stopping by.

1 thought on “Thank you, readers, for over 10,000 views

  1. wow, that’s good to hear. i hope someday i could also reach that number of views.
    congrats MaryAnn as I am just starting. Happy blogging! 🙂


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