Where readers come from — fascinating! Thanks!

WordPress has a new feature that lets me see how many viewers from what countries are looking at my blog. Are you interested? Hang on, then! I found it pretty amazing and wonderful.

Here’s a summary for the past week:

  • United States, 528
  • India, 49
  • Canada, United Kingdom, 47 each
  • Australia, 34

Those are all countries with lots of English speakers. Next:

  • France, 16
  • Germany, 10
  • Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, 8 each
  • Indonesia, 7
  • Philippines, 6
  • Italy, South Africa, 5 each
  • Sweden, Brazil, Greece, 4 each
  • Russian Federation, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Netherlands, 3 each

These countries had two viewers each: Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Viet Nam, Thailand, Norway, Argentina, Belgium.

And finally, there was one viewer from each of these countries: Mexico, Iceland, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Slovenia, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Taiwan, Spain, Republic of Korea, Portugal, and Egypt.

I am actually quite amazed at this! Who would have guessed that people in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Turkey, Denmark, and so on would find their way to this blog? I would not have. I knew I had readers abroad in English-speaking countries like South Africa and Australia, but I’m really delightfully surprised by the diversity here.

Have I thanked you recently for stopping by here, reading, liking posts, and commenting? If I haven’t, please know that I appreciate you very much. I know this blog is unusual — part personal, part informational, occasional soapbox, and partly sought out because I live in a Spartan trailer, and they’re hot now at least in the U.S. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind blog, and I like it that way.

So, once again, I thank you for reading it.

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