Blog stats for 2016

Well, folks, I broke 100,000 views in 2016, something I never dreamed of when I started this blog at the tail end of 2009. This little blog got 108,999 total views in 2016. In 2015, I got 51,449, so views more than doubled last year.

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-9-33-44-pmIt started in January. Total views jumped to over 10,000 per month. The main driver seems to have been a single post, How to drink water with lemon and preserve your tooth enamel. That post got 52,433 views in 2016, and only 10,715 in 2015. First published in January 2014, it only got 209 views that entire year.

I’m guessing that starting in January 2015, people were drinking lemon water, felt something different going on in their mouths, and they got concerned, Googled, and found my post. I wish I knew more about why that post went viral. Did WordPress feature it? Did it get reblogged elsewhere? Who linked to it? It’s a mystery to me.

So 2016 turned out to be the year of preserving tooth enamel. In response to the interest, and after a visit to my dentist, I wrote another post, Rebuilding tooth enamel after drinking water with lemon, in June 2016 that got 2,148 views last year. That was the only top post I actually wrote in 2016.

There was also a lot of interest in the posts Recovering from a virus, recovering from adrenal exhaustion, My experience with brainwave optimization, and Healing bruised, strained toes, which round out the top 5 posts for 2016.


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New blog milestones and best massage ever given

Sometime this weekend when I wasn’t looking, my blog passed 60,000 views! This is a labor of love, and I can’t measure my “success” in monetary terms. Blog views, likes, and comments are my currency.

Thank you for reading me.

And…yesterday I had my best single day ever with 426 views! That’s pretty astonishing, considering the average number of views per day in 2012 (so far) has been 182.

I took the whole weekend off, spending a good chunk of it out in the country at a friend’s remote ranch. Clean air, water, cattle, a river, lots of trees, big sky, silence (compared to the city), a sweet porch on which I did a couple of great yoga sequences, soaking in a metal tub filled with well water, and lots of laughter were just the ticket for rest and relaxation.

I didn’t do a stroke of bodywork all weekend (except a little self-massage on my shoulders and arms). This morning I gave what felt to me like the best massage I’ve ever given, a 90-minute full body massage combining Swedish, deep, pressure points, rocking, reflexology, and lots of attention to her neck, shoulders, and hips. My client really appreciated it. Her week started extremely well.

If you’re looking for a great massage, consider booking one in the morning when your massage therapist is feeling refreshed, especially after a couple of days off! If you’re in the Austin area, I’d love your business!

See you later, with the first turnaround of Byron Katie’s Work!

Where readers come from — fascinating! Thanks!

WordPress has a new feature that lets me see how many viewers from what countries are looking at my blog. Are you interested? Hang on, then! I found it pretty amazing and wonderful.

Here’s a summary for the past week:

  • United States, 528
  • India, 49
  • Canada, United Kingdom, 47 each
  • Australia, 34

Those are all countries with lots of English speakers. Next:

  • France, 16
  • Germany, 10
  • Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, 8 each
  • Indonesia, 7
  • Philippines, 6
  • Italy, South Africa, 5 each
  • Sweden, Brazil, Greece, 4 each
  • Russian Federation, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Netherlands, 3 each

These countries had two viewers each: Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Viet Nam, Thailand, Norway, Argentina, Belgium.

And finally, there was one viewer from each of these countries: Mexico, Iceland, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Slovenia, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Taiwan, Spain, Republic of Korea, Portugal, and Egypt.

I am actually quite amazed at this! Who would have guessed that people in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Turkey, Denmark, and so on would find their way to this blog? I would not have. I knew I had readers abroad in English-speaking countries like South Africa and Australia, but I’m really delightfully surprised by the diversity here.

Have I thanked you recently for stopping by here, reading, liking posts, and commenting? If I haven’t, please know that I appreciate you very much. I know this blog is unusual — part personal, part informational, occasional soapbox, and partly sought out because I live in a Spartan trailer, and they’re hot now at least in the U.S. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind blog, and I like it that way.

So, once again, I thank you for reading it.