With sparkling eyes and good posture!

From today’s Ocean of Dharma email, this is who we really are:


There is more to fearlessness than merely having overcome fear. Beyond that, when we speak of fearlessness, we are describing a positive state of being full of delight and cheerfulness, with sparkling eyes and good posture. This state of being is not dependent on any external circumstances. It is individual dignity. This joy and unconditional healthiness is the joy, the basic virtue, that comes from being what we are, right now. ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

I have to say, the description of sparkling eyes and good posture is how I enjoy living my life, as much as I possibly can. It’s where I return when external circumstances take me out of it temporarily.

Joy and unconditional healthiness is who we are, and I am so grateful to have read this early today, as I woke this morning processing some sad, hurt, disappointed, angry feelings, with tears in my eyes.

This feels more like home, these sparkling eyes and good posture!

2 thoughts on “With sparkling eyes and good posture!

  1. Since I’m still cultivating these two habits…I wear a different color of glitter on my bottom lashes each day, every time I see a sparkle I am reminded to sparkle and of the light wihtin. And for my posture, well, I have to imagine a red helium balloon doing the work for me. But I am hoping to form it into my body/mind/soul memory!


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