Organic cotton sheets from Target

Target has been one of the sponsors of this blog recently, and I am going to plug something that Target sells, their 100% organic cotton sheets.

Pardon me if this is awkward. Hawking things is not my strong suit, yet like everyone else, I have preferences in the material aspects of this world we share. I like good quality things at a good price.

I also like companies that are sensitive to their customers and that understand they operate and depend on a planet with limited resources.

I sleep on Target’s organic cotton sheets and use them on my massage table. They feel really, really good against my skin. With a 325 thread count, they’ll last for a long time. That’s not the highest, but they feel tightly woven and substantial.

When I was buying sheets for massage school, a classmate turned me onto these. They turned out to be the best deal around at under $30 for twin size, and there are 10 choices of colors/patterns.

I was surprised to discover that a mainstream store such as Target was selling organic cotton products. I used to only find organic cotton in high-end and/or specialty stores.

I am happy that organic is becoming more mainstream.

Check them out here:

BTW, I don’t make a cent off plugging these. I’m just plugging a good product that I use from a commercial sponsor of this blog.

My only beef with Target has been that it donated corporate money to a right-wing, anti-gay political candidate. That action deserved the uproar from its employees and the public that it engendered and the talk of a boycott.

It illustrates the pitfalls of the Citizens vs. United Supreme Court decision.

Just because you can do it doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do, corporations.

To its credit, the Target corporation was responsive and did apologize.

I stopped shopping there for a while because of that donation (before I learned about the public apology — I don’t keep up with the news that well), but the only real competition that Target has (at least here in Austin, Texas) is Wal-mart.

Please don’t get me started on Wal-mart.

If corporations are now considered to be people, I would like them to be very good people who care about their fellow humans and the planet we all share and depend on.

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