How did you find this blog?

Yesterday this blog got 580 views. Today so far there have been 380.

Most days I get a lot fewer views. The average number of views per day in November was 109.

I have no idea why views spike like this. I can see that 120 views today were referred by links, including search engines, but that doesn’t explain 260 of the views.

I can also see on the site stats that my home page, The Well Ashiatsu and Massage, has been viewed 239 times today so far.

If you don’t mind, if you are reading this post, would you please tell me in the comments how you got to my site? I would love to be enlightened about this.

8 thoughts on “How did you find this blog?

  1. I got to your blog through searches for the Spartan Carousel originally, but found your blog interesting. Turns out we have some things in common. Now I get a notice in my inbox. If the latest post seems interesting to me and I have time to read it, I do. I also watch to see if another Carousel ever comes up, but even those that have never seem to be “real.” Happy Holidays!


    • Thanks for letting me know about the Carousel listings not being “real”. I just pass along whatever info I get, because so many people are interested. Sometimes people who supposedly are selling Carousels or other large Spartans contact me directly. I will start vetting these, requiring a phone number that I can verify the ad is for real, or at least letting readers know it may not be real. Thanks for subscribing, Chrissy. Happy holidays to you, too!


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