Give and save: Massage gift certificates and packets available

Okay, friends, it’s time. I will be raising my rates starting January 1, 2013, to $65 per hour. You can still get in at the $60 per hour rate before then, and you can buy packets to save as well!

  • Buy three 60-minute sessions for $60 per hour.
  • Buy five 60-minute sessions for $55 per hour.
  • Buy seven 60-minute sessions for $50 per hour.
  • You can split your time up into half-hour segments, using 30 or 90 minutes as you prefer.
  • You can design your own session: you can mix and match Ashiatsu, Swedish, and reflexology to meet your body’s needs.
  • Best of all, you can purchase a packet at a discount, give some sessions away (I offer nice gift certificates), and use the rest yourself!

Massage makes a great gift. We all know stressed or aching people who would be incredibly grateful to receive one. I have gift certificates available in any denomination starting with $30.

I hope you will consider scheduling your next massage with me. To book an appointment online, go to

To buy a packet or gift certificate, please call (512-507-4184) or email me (

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