Self-treatment for conjunctivitis

In March I had what I thought was allergies, which isn’t unusual in spring when the weather is dry and windy. It particularly seemed to be affecting my eyes. They got reddish, sensitive to light, weepy, and the inside of my eyelids felt gritty every time I blinked. First the right eye was affected, and then it got better but the left eye got worse. I felt pretty miserable.

After a few days of suffering, still thinking it was allergies, I took a Zyrtec (strong medicine for me), and it didn’t do a thing. That’s when it dawned on me that perhaps it wasn’t allergies but pink-eye, aka conjunctivitis.

When I figured this out late at night, I thought I’d go get some acupuncture the next day, and then I thought, hmm, maybe I can do something now, so I googled a bit. I learned that conjunctivitis is viral or bacterial. I figured mine was bacterial, because wouldn’t a virus affect both eyes at the same time?

I also found acupressure points for conjunctivitis.

They are:

  • BL1 (the inside corner of the eye)
  • GB1 (above the outside corner of eye in an indentation behind the bone)
  • GB20 (on the back of the head where the two big neck muscles attach to the skull)
  • LI4 (at the deepest part of the web where the thumb and index finger bones meet)

I pressed each place on my left and right sides simultaneously, except the last point, which had to be done one hand at a time.

I followed that with lymphatic drainage of clavicles, neck, face, and head to stimulate my immune system. There are many videos showing you how to do this on YouTube. Here’s a good simple one:

The last thing I did was soak two square cotton pads with water, squeezed them until they weren’t drippy, and place them over my closed eyes. I rested like this for 5-10 minutes.

When I opened my eyes, they felt a lot better.

I repeated this routine twice the following day, using cooled chamomile tea and cooled green tea on the cotton pads. I was amazed at how well it worked. It was gone in less than 24 hours after I started the treatment.

I threw away my disposable contact lenses and put new ones in, and I also changed my pillow case. I took care not to touch my eye area unless my hands were really clean.

This self-treatment worked well for me, and it might work for you, so I wanted to share.


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