Introducing my new Products page

Over time, I’ve written about topics that interest me, such as trauma recovery, nutrition, self-care, supplements, and an inspirational story I loved, and I’ve linked to books and other items related to those topics.

Now I’ve consolidated my best-selling items on a new page called Products. These products include many books I’ve found valuable, learned from, that changed my understanding of myself, life, and possibilities, or they’ve improved my quality of life and well-being. (Or that I’ve put on my wish list.)

I’ve listed, among other items:

  • a book to help you figure out your life purpose
  • a pressure point massager that my chair massage clients rave about
  • a sleeping pillow that keeps your neck aligned
  • insoles for a common foot condition that over time causes postural problems, even TMJ disorder
  • the supplements I rely on most
  • books about health through nutrition
  • books about healing your own injuries and pain
  • an inspirational book about making a difference when the world seems overwhelming
  • brain health books

I have an affiliate relationship with, and a small percentage of each sale made through this blog provides a small amount of income from this blog, which as you may know, doesn’t use advertising except for the one ad that WordPress forces its users to display unless we pay to have it removed.

I used to allow ads but stopped when I saw an ad for McDonald’s on my blog. It seemed out of integrity to allow that to happen. I work hard to provide good information for you to use to enhance your well-being. It is counterproductive and goes against my message to allow ads from companies who do not have your well-being at heart.

So…if you click a link on this blog from a post or from the new Products page that takes you into Amazon, anything you buy during that visit to Amazon or put into your shopping cart for later purchase results in a little bit of income for this amateur blogger, for which I am very grateful. This little bit of income makes a bit of a difference.

So thanks for checking out my Products page and for any purchases you make.


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