Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, prevention.

Browsing the web looking for health information, I learned that academics have discovered an undeniable link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Melissa Schilling, a professor at the NYU Stern School of Business, has just completed a large scale study in which she reviewed the extensive literature that clearly associates diabetes with Alzheimer’s disease, both in terms of risk and now in terms of mechanism. She was able to find robust evidence that links insulin, as well as the enzyme that degrades insulin (insulin-degrading enzyme or IDE), and the development of Alzheimer’s disease in itself. Her study strongly suggest that elevated insulin plays a critical role in the development of the various hallmarks characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. – See more at: http://www.drperlmutter.com/alzheimers-news-front-page/#sthash.dAVa7l9b.dpuf

Given that diabetes (Type 2, anyway) is considered a lifestyle disease, it adds to the urgency that diabetics and pre-diabetics change their diets now to prevent Alzheimer’s later. Some say Alzheimer’s is Type 3 diabetes.

Mainstream American medicine does not do prevention well. They are looking for pharmaceuticals to keep symptoms at bay, not preventing problems in the first place.

This morning a friend posted on Facebook that his elderly father had been diagnosed with diabetes and given a prescription. That was it. The doctor did not share any information about the influence of diet on blood sugar, and he did not make a referral to a dietitian. Just “Here, take this.”

The son believes this is complete negligence bordering on malpractice. I don’t know the details but would tend to agree. What’s it going to take to wake doctors up? Lawsuits like that Drug Guardians kombiglyze lawsuit?

I want to believe that more and more doctors are recommending dietary changes and referring people to nutritionists, but there are apparently still a lot of people, including doctors, who behave as if taking medications is all they need to do.

If any reader wants to know more about how someone reversed her diabetes and has been insulin-free (and medication-free) for years, I recommend reading my series of blog posts interviewing Phyllis LeJeune, who did just that. Here’s a good place to start, and each post contains a link to the next post.

Is the Standard American Diet (SAD) the cause of the decline of Western civilization? It could well be.


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