Whole body

Woke before alarm, feeling energized in outer phalanges of feet. Warmth of bed, lying in darkness.

Then alarm at 6:30, Deva Premal singing the Gayatri mantra. Sang it along with her. Stretching the length of my body, then pelvic circles, cat-cow with bent knees, bridge and figure eights with pelvis.

Swing legs over edge of bed and I’m standing on floor. Put on slippers, take heater to meditation corner, plug it in, turn it on. Pee. Feed Mango, my big male orange outside tabby with the gentle voice, and here comes the possibly-feral gray and white cat with the obnoxious voice. Feed him too (but not in the bowl–then they fight.)

Sit on cushion, turn on timer, wrap blanket, begin body scan. Attention to crown. Throat chakra blossoms. Back to crown. Slow feeble energy opening, growing stronger. Moves down forehead, face. Rest of head, neck.

Energy surges in inner upper arms simultaneously. Continue opening, bringing attention to places where the energy doesn’t spontaneously open. If it’s not there, at least I’ve brushed it with gentle loving attention. Sit bones strong, knees, toes, done.

Whole body awareness. Remembering yogic concept of the body as sheaths. The physical body, energy body, emotional body, thought body, bliss body. Ancient yogis liked to write of these as progressive layers, but that’s not how I experience them.

It’s all (I’m all) really a living system, constantly changing, I think, and I feel congruent with this thought (I get an inner yes). My awareness moves from my head area to my solar plexus, the center of my living body-mind system. Yes.

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