Two sittings in one post

I felt tired yesterday morning and didn’t do an early sitting. After work, I had a meeting and then dinner with a friend. Didn’t get home until nearly 9. My 1906-built house was chilly.

I turned up the heater and pulled my zafu, timer, blanket, and yoga mat from my studio and closed that room off to conserve heat. It will stay closed off until warmer days arrive again.

Last night and this morning, I meditated with my zafu on top of my bed, covers around my legs. It’s the warmest room in the house.

Settling in last night, I notice the difference in location and then that thought slips away as I focus on my body.

After doing the body scan, and then moving awareness to my living, changing body-mind system, a particular area of tension draws my attention, and my attention spins off into a thought.

And then I make a connection: the thought is associated with that place in my body! The thought started as a memory, then morphed into thoughts that seemed connected to releasing the tension.

I feel a little surge of excitement, yet the process feels a bit tenuous.  Am I onto something?

Today, I can’t remember where the tension was or what the thought was.

When I get really centered in awareness of my body-mind system, thoughts can seem like flies buzzing around my head. They’re there, but in the background of awareness. Sometimes thought fades away entirely for a bit into blessed silence.

This morning, monkey mind ran away with my attention even while scanning my body. A couple of times, I gently, firmly led my attention back to scanning to complete the process.

I am curious about this monkey mind. Why do I have days when it just wants to run wild?

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