New thoughts, including some on blogging

Sat this morning on my zafu on top of my bed. My monkey mind was quieter today.

Noticed differences when I am internally verbalizing about a possible future event and when I bring my attention to my body-mind.

I sense that the location of activity when doing the former is a few inches away from the right side of my forehead.

When I rein my attention “in”, my awareness literally feels centered in the middle of my forehead. The energy extends out a little ways and has a softness to it. This experience has more energy and brightness to it.

At least this is what I experienced this morning, as best as I can describe it several hours later.

I also realized this morning that my other blog has a lot of posts that are in some way related to my path toward…something…like…my understanding of enlightenment. Poems, articles, interest in the brain, the mind, love, yoga, health, and so on. It doesn’t have anything like this daily practice, though.

So I’m thinking of combining my two blogs into one and renaming it, with labels such as zafureport, yoga (watched a video on Yin Yoga last night and got the connection between meridians and asanas!), scientific discoveries, inspiring poems.

It’s a big job and now I’m wondering when I’ll find time to do it. I’m going to check out some other blogs first.

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