The living, changing body-mind system

Sat this morning atop my bed in a cold, cold house. Although I was warm under the covers, the room temperature was 50 when I got up. Quickly, turn on the heater fan!

Today my sitting was unremarkable, except that my outside cat, Mango, was inside because of the extreme cold, and he doesn’t have any experience with me sitting like my inside cat, Samantha does. (She usually ignores me, or curls up quietly nearby.)

Mango interprets me sitting still as an opportunity to be petted. I pushed him away once and off the bed the second time, and then he curled up next to me and we sat together.

My spine felt a bit stiff this morning. I had gone to a two-hour class last night, came home, and bundled up to watch a Yin Yoga video. If I had actually DONE yoga last night, I doubt I would have felt so stiff this morning. I worked through it sitting.

About my living, changing body-mind system. Although it is centered in my body, it definitely can extend through my skin out into the environment. I don’t know how far it can extend–I sense it extending a few inches, occasionally, when a chakra is wide open, 2-3 feet.  I don’t believe my energy body actually has a clear outer limit, but my perceptive acuity has its limits.

The system seems to be porous, to have a lot of space in it.

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