Awareness and attention

Meditated today about 6:30 pm. Mango sat on my blanket-covered legs. Samantha was nearby.

Took my time with the body scan, really going into areas with tension, such as where shoulders meet neck in back, feeling it from the inside.

After that, I sat. A question came to mind: Can I hold my attention on both the whole body-mind system and be aware of specific sensations as they arise?

My third-eye chakra resonated with that question. I took it as a “yes, explore this” comment.

The answer, today at least, is yes, my awareness can hold the whole body-mind system, and as specific sensations arise, they move more into the foreground of awareness while awareness of the whole system moves more into the background. Awareness of specific sensation fades, and awareness of the whole system moves back into the foreground.

Ahhh. Do I even know what I’m talking about?

There is this word, awareness. I am sure that I have used it synonymously with the word attention. Yet I’m beginning to wonder if they are actually different.

A sound or a touch captures my attention. My attention greets sounds and touches.

Awareness holds attention. It holds sound and touch, and not sound and not touch.

Attention moves, awareness is. Attention has objects, awareness does and doesn’t. Awareness includes attention.

Whoa. What if awareness is the living, changing body-mind system?

I see my teacher tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that.

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