Meeting with my teacher

Met with Peg this morning during the Sunday sitting period. It was good to see her. She’s been away for several weeks.

I caught her up about the blog and about my experiences on the cushion that I’ve written about in these posts. She’s okay with everything.

I asked if she had any new directions for me, and she said just to keep doing what I’m doing.

I’m on track then. It does help to have that confirmation from someone who’s been meditating for 43 years.

We discussed attention and awareness. She agrees that awareness includes the nonconscious mind. It includes attention and whatever attention is not on in the moment.

I have had a thought about awareness that feels scary. I can feel myself pushing it away and it coming back. What if…it’s all there really is? That’s vast, too much right now.

I enjoyed Peg’s presence. Her eye contact feels really good. Open, present, curious, patient, loving, wise, and at the same time, nothing special. Just an ordinary human.

I like being with someone who can be that way. Silence is welcome. What comes up comes up. No big deal.

1 thought on “Meeting with my teacher

  1. Would it to surprise you if your description of Peg is like how I think of you?

    PS: I like the “recent comments” widgit — nice to see what else people are comment on?


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