Awareness with no thought

This morning I began sitting about 6:45. I thought “body scan” and then quickly scanned my body from head to toe! “It” just jumped in there (me) and did it! Intent and action sped past my plodding conscious mind.

This is definitely not linear, nor what I expect. I’m curious now. Is “it” the energy of intention and action combined? Do I “merely” think it and it happens?

So, yep, I’m all here. I do it again with more mindfulness. I spend some time with my shoulders. My trapezius muscle across the back of my shoulders is a place where my body can really collect some tension. Not pain right now, just tightness. I tell my shoulders it’s okay to relax and release the tension. What I get in response is thanks, it will do that as much as it knows how.

Mental notes to self: Spend some quality time with trapezius later. May be a connection to sitting at my computer. Together my awareness and my trapezius can notice what we didn’t notice before about undoing tension.

(Recent discovery: I don’t need reading glasses at the computer most of the time. )

Then into exploring awareness. Today my monkey mind is civilized. It allows me to explore awareness without thought for longer periods. Thoughts interrupt exploring. Today exploring is much more interesting. I return to exploring. Wash, rinse, repeat.

So here’s a metaphor for my subjective experience. Imagine the first really warm sunny day in the spring. It’s 80 degrees and balmy. You find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes. You feel the warmth of the sun on your head and then feel it  all over your body.

It’s like that, only the sun is coming from the inside. This state feels peaceful and quietly blissful.

I wish that everyone could experience this every day.

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