The elephant in the living room: awareness is everything

Meditated after work today. I remembered something my teacher said, that technique is something people make too much of.

The important thing is to sit. It doesn’t really matter if your eyes are open or closed, or if your mouth is closed or open, or exactly where your tongue is, or what mudra your hands are in, or how you sit–in sukhasana, siddhasana, ardha padmasanavajrasana, or in a chair leaning against the back.

Just sit. Pick a way that works well enough that you will actually do it.

And, she says, sitting still for a length of time creates pain, the kind of aches and tightness that arise for me toward the end of the session, sometimes earlier. That is part of the experience. You deal with it.

In the end it’s just another thought.

Today I sat after work. My left upper trapezius was tense and sore from stress and computer work. I spent some time attending to it, soothing it, releasing the tension, breathing into it, encouraging circulation and softening into it. It took a good half of my time.

Then there are the implications of awareness being everything. That’s a profound shift. It feels like I’ve discovered a secret, something that felt like a taboo when it first occurred to me.

Now there’s an elephant in the living room. What does it mean?

Well, here’s a start. Pat Robertson and Baby Doc Duvalier exist in my awareness. How can I think of them as other again?  My unkind thoughts about them are plainly and simply unkind thoughts in my awareness.

All I know about dealing with that is to love the person, judge the behavior. Easier said than done, sometimes.

I welcome hearing how you deal with this issue.


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