The marvel of awareness

Nothing too memorable about my zazen this morning, just marveling that everything I experience is inside awareness. Everything I experience is awareness. Experience is awareness.

Who can even know how big awareness actually is? Maybe you, I, and everything in the universe, material and immaterial, every thought, feeling, idea, and dream, are made of awareness. Or maybe we are awareness.

Maybe the universe is awareness, and each of us is an instrument of its awareness.¬†Whether we want to or not! Whether we try to or not! Whether we’re awake or not!

I understand those pictures of deities with a thousand eyes all over their bodies now. They are trying to convey this specific awareness.

Now the question is, how is it that we can not notice this? It’s like there’s been a conspiracy to make all other kinds of things important, and that’s where I spent my attention. Where I spent my life.

But this has been the underlying truth all along. Just waiting for me to recognize it. Like that dream I had years ago, where I was watching some people dancing, and they were dancing because I was watching. Reciprocal awareness.

We are swimming in awareness all the time! All 7 billion of us humans. Not to mention plants and rocks and soil and air and stardust. All aware.

Ah! Existence is awareness!

Now try this: re-read this and every time I wrote the word “awareness,” substitute the words “being aware”.


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