Snow falling on Big Mind

What a strange day. Cold, snow expected. Did not get up early and meditate. Instead, I stayed warm in bed longer, then showered, dressed, and went to work.

Steady busy at work. Came out of a meeting to see snow falling. Glances out window while working, getting tea, talking with colleagues.

And then, it was too beautiful not to just stop and gaze out the window. We don’t get snow often in Austin, Texas, USA. Once every few years, and that usually doesn’t stick to the ground.

So I sat with my soup at lunch and stared out my window.

Snow is mesmerizing. The air seems much more three-dimensional when it snows than when it rains.  It seems to me that each snowflake being different, plus its lightness, make its fall from sky to earth unique.

Looking at snow falling is like watching a thousand tiny dances through the air. Some dancers are big and fat. Some are tiny.

I felt very connected to space, to the space between snowflakes, and to the space between you and me, to the space between everything. It holds it, us, all together, has a marvelously fluid nature, and is not water.

Then more work, colleagues leaving early, emails about nonwork issues such as how to plug a meetup and green cards. Work dismissed early, my skeptical mind rolling its eyes while inwardly exclaiming “whee!”

Home, sat, noticed sleepiness. Feeling peaceful, blissful, and now ready to go back out to a coffeehouse and do a little work before dark and possibly slick roads.


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