Happy weekend, y’all!

Meditated last thing last night and was too tired to blog, and again first thing this morning and was too busy to blog until now.

Had a great session with my cranio-sacral therapist this morning, appreciating even more how it is possible to be aware of nervous system processes in one’s own body — and in others’ bodies.

After errands, a great session with my chiropractor, my sixth visit. I feel stronger and more stable and pain-free than before. And…I love that he’s got a plan.

Then a visit to Diji, raw cracker maker extraordinaire, and home to prepare my food for a retreat. Since my body doesn’t handle wheat well at all (and a lot of foods aredifficult), this is how I cope — make/take my own.

So here I am at the keyboard at last, just to tell you that I’ll be away this weekend, attending a women’s retreat called “Undertaken With Love,” about conscious living and dying.  Will keep sitting daily (I’m taking my zafu and timer) and post again after I return.

Happy weekend, y’all!


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