And so to celebrate…

After missing a day of meditation on Monday, I didn’t intend to celebrate, but today I realized it is as worthy of celebrating as anything!

I missed a day. What a load off! Now the world knows¬†I’m not perfect. Whee! It feels like a breakthrough!

So today I was at White Crane Pharmacy and bought myself a new crescent-shaped zafu and a zabuton, which I’ve never had before, instead using a couple of folded Mexican blankets for cushioning under my zafu.

My new zafu and zabuton are beautiful. Made by Hugger Mugger, the yoga supply company, the zafu is covered in a foliage print in shades of brown, and the zabuton has a different foliage print in shades of light green and pale blue. Both are 100% cotton.

Fall and spring, yoga and meditation, crescent and square, their energies complement each other in a most aesthetically pleasing way.

When I sat today on the new zafu, I noticed that my sit bones were elevated considerably higher than on my old zafu. My legs naturally fell into siddhasana, which I have learned is also called Burmese-style. It’s like cross-legged but with the uncrossed feet in front, nestling next to each other.

I had an acupuncture session at the AOMA student clinic today. 30 needles! Released lots of gallbladder stagnation in the lower left leg, feel much better now. I decided I couldn’t wait to get in to see my regular acupuncturist. I got to talk to a 4th year student there about what it’s like.

Then I had lunch with my yoga teacher, Eleanor Harris, who is the yoga teacher I give the most credit to for helping me really “get” yoga in my body. Not to mention, she’s just a very wonderful, kind, giving person.

She’s certified to train yoga teachers, and together we are designing a yoga teacher training program that meets Yoga Alliance standards and yet is suitable for someone like me who has practiced for 12 years and picked up a lot during that time.

Then a nice visit with my friend Clarita, seeing her beautiful home and first garden ever. I know she’s gonna love gardening. I helped her find out information online about visiting the Strongheart school in Liberia, learning about that country and what shots she will need to travel there. Nice reciprocation there–she appreciates my online skills, and I appreciate her love of beauty, which shows up in her home and garden.

Then home to find my new massage table had arrived! A gift to myself from my income tax refund. Lots to learn…

All in all, it’s been a good day.


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