The non-breakthrough

A breakthrough is different from slow, incremental change. The word “break” indicates a suddenness.

In my experience, breakthroughs are fairly rare and rarely happen all of a piece. Even breakthroughs occur incrementally.

Breakthroughs are glamorous, the celebrities of change. Non-breakthrough change (I wish there was another word for that) is sometimes so slow and incremental, you don’t even notice it, like a child doesn’t notice his or her growth, until clothes don’t fit or new furniture is needed.

But others, especially those who don’t see the child that often, do notice growth.

I feel like I am in a period of non-breakthrough change. It happens every day when I sit. There are no amazing revelations. Just a slow sea-change in how I experience myself, and since we see the world as we are, how I experience the world.

I sit and experience more of being centered in my body than I ever have. I notice more of my experience. I am more present to my actual experience.

I’m doing it! This was one of my conscious goals when beginning this year of sitting daily, to be more present to my actual experience.

And for those aunts and uncles who don’t see me that often, the feedback I often get from the world is that I am calm.

I appreciate that.

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