Blogging update, moving into last quarter

We’re heading into the home stretch of 2010, the last three months of this year of daily sitting and blogging about it. I’m posting my blog stats so that if you’re thinking about starting a blog, you can read a first-hand report.

Plus, I appreciate your support and interest.

My first post was Dec. 30, 2009. And then on February 3, I got 89 views! I’m not sure why. Maybe WordPress featured my blog that day. That’s still the one-day record for views. By Feb. 8, I had had 181 views.

I started out blogging once a day, occasionally twice, almost every day. I kept this up until mid-March, when I started feeling life crowding in on me.

After that, I experimented to find a more natural rhythm for me. That has turned out to be about every 2-3 days. Even better, each post feels more worthwhile to write and contribute, and I hope more worthwhile for you to read.

By April 22, this blog had had 827 views.

In May I skipped a couple of weeks due to no internet access at home. (Tree fell on cable line, yada yada.) May wasn’t a good month for blogging. For January through April, the monthly total for views was roughly 200. In May I had 121 views.

Lesson learned: you have to keep it up to keep your readers!

Halfway through the year, on July 1, I had had 1,233 views and 52 comments. I hit 1,500 views on July 26 and 2,000 views on August 31, a month and a day ago.

As I write this, the view count is up to 2,316. I’ve had over 300 views for each of the past three months. I’ve posted 200 times (201 with this one) and have received 83 comments.

I truly love hearing from you. I get a lot of spam that I delete (which WordPress filters nicely), and genuine comments from people who have actually read a post and have something to say about it are heavenly. I love your input, feedback, additions, stories, and responses. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has commented (and thanks in advance to everyone who will comment but hasn’t yet).

I’ve made this blog easy for people to find, through Twitter, Facebook, NetworkedBlogs, and subscriptions. Most of you come through Facebook. Friend me if that works easier for you. I’m probably the only Mary Ann Reynolds in Austin, TX.

The most popular search term used to find this blog is “trauma releasing exercises.” I’m glad to be spreading David Berceli’s wonderful work — a set of exercises that release trauma (tension, stress) from the body. I do them a couple of times a month and find them valuable.

Most of us aren’t familiar enough with the state of being deeply relaxed yet alert. TRE is well worth including in your pursuit of being a fully alive and awake human being, in my opinion.

Plus, you never know when you might need to tell or teach someone who needs these exercises more than you do. I am very happy to know that through my sharing, this book has spread to an Army captain in Iraq as well as to someone in the Acupuncturists Without Borders organization. It’s going where it’s needed.

My most viewed post is also Trauma releasing exercises.

My next most popular post is Cranio-sacral therapy, brain waves. It has a lot of brain geek information in it.

A more recent post, Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain — side effects of living, has become increasingly popular, ranking third in number of views, excluding a couple of poems. Boy, that title says it all, doesn’t it? It’s probably my longest title.

I like that one. Instead of the more typical attraction to pleasure, avoidance of pain pattern, which keeps us moving back and forth, there’s another possibility of being more centered and knowing that both pleasure and pain are nervous system experiences! You have a nervous system, you’re alive, and pleasure and pain are part of life, in other words.

What I get from this analysis is that you guys, my readers, are curious about body/mind/emotions/spirit connections. You want to read about discovering/returning to some kind of integrated state of healthiness and wholeness. You’re interested in ways to frame experience, to give it context and perspective. And reading about geeky brain wave states does not put you off!

You know what? I love you guys. You’re my kind of people! Maybe you’re even trying some of the things I’m trying! If that is so, I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon!


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