Gratitude, day one: Mango, my house, the Internet

Today I start the 21 days of gratitude challenge by writing three things I’m grateful for and why.

Here goes.

Today I feel grateful for Mango, my cat. I feel grateful for him for many reasons. First, he was a neighborhood cat who adopted me — a pet in search of an owner. He began coming over to my house to be petted when I was outside, and I’d give him massages, which he loved. He was so adorable, seeming to ask permission before he jumped into my lap, that I began feeding him and later took him to the vet, sealing the deal. He is a true gentleman of a cat with very good people skills, and I appreciate that very much.

At this time in my life, I am the only human being in my household, and Mango is the first other being I encounter in the mornings and the last I see at night. I miss him when he decides to spend the night outside. He loves snuggling — next to me in bed, on my belly when I’m lying on the sofa reading a book — and he often curls up next to me when I’m writing. He’s family — a true familiar in the old sense of the word — and a cherished companion.

Today I feel grateful for my house. I am not working outside my home much these days, so I spend a lot of time here at home, soaking in the ambiance, while I wait for it to sell.

I appreciate the feeling of spaciousness since I decluttered it. It is a major luxury in my life to have so much space to myself, 1130 square feet, to be exact, with 9.5 foot ceilings. I appreciate the long Victorian windows letting in the winter light and giving me views of bare branches and gray clouds and the moon, the hardwood floors, the symmetries of the rooms.

Today I feel grateful for the Internet. It provides me with a way of connecting with so many people (the 4,299 views of my blog, 405 Facebook friends, 64 followers on Twitter), an outlet for my thoughts and questions and experiments and yearnings, and access to unbelievable realms of information, all available at my fingertips.

It is an amazing web of interconnectivity. Having grown up long before it was developed, I see how it has changed people and society. We are so much more connected now, for better or worse. And I can do so much more on the fly — find an address instead of needing a large paper map, for just one example.

And I need to do that right now — look up an address and go there! Bye till tomorrow!


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