Byron Katie’s website and books

If you’re interested in learning more about Byron Katie and The Work, please check out her website.

She mentioned several times yesterday that she makes her worksheets and other resources available for free on her website. They’re on the Do The Work page.

She also helps people find certified facilitators in The Work, some of whom work for free or on a sliding scale, or use Skype so that location isn’t a problem.

I see that there is also a helpline.

Her first book, Loving What Is: Four Questions that Can Change Your Life, came out in 2002. This book covers applying The Work in all kinds of situations: couples and family life, work and money, self-judgment, underlying beliefs, children, the body and addiction.

There’s even a chapter on trauma, Making Friends with the Worst That Can Happen.

She’s also written:

Most recently, she and Eckhardt Tolle have contributed to a gift book, Peace in the Present Moment, which consists of selected quotations from them with photographs of flowers.

There are also Byron Katie audiobooks available on

2 thoughts on “Byron Katie’s website and books

  1. A friend has refered me to Byron Katie for some guidance in sorting out myself…I had never heard of her despite my constant searching for help and guidance.
    i googled her name…and clicked on your website. It has been so helpful for me who is not computer whizz. I love the energy it exudes and your photo is great …totally natural…nothing is manicured for marketing…I can feel already I have found the way to ME! thank-you XX Patricia


    • Aw, Patricia, I am so moved by what you say. I’m just an ordinary person who blogs about the good information and useful practices I discover to help us all experience more well-being in our lives. I love that we made this connection. Please come back and visit again!


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