The wit and wisdom of Byron Katie: I’d say “bless your heart, sweetheart,” but it’s too late. You’re already blessed.

I attended a weekend workshop with Byron Katie. Friday night I didn’t write down anything she said. On Saturday I did.

Here are the sayings I was moved to write down:

I need everything I’ve ever experienced


Mind has to compare to create jealousy.

living out of the “don’t know” mind

My mind got clear, and Haagen-Dazs quit me.

Everyone is a saint.

The mind seeks identification.

Drop the “I guess.” Drop the “I think.” Drop the “we.”

There’s only three kinds of business: yours, mine, and God’s. (I don’t think this is original, but she used it and I like it.)

Our true nature is pure love.

What you believe about anything is what hurts you.

It all happens for your awakening, enlightenment, and joy. There is nothing that is not for us.

We’re born of the “I”, not of the mother’s womb.

The personality is the ego.

The world is a projection of your own mind. It’s your world.

I’m always on time. People don’t agree with me, but I’m always on time.

Enlightenment means there’s no mind at all.

Oh, the mind wants to jump in with its defenses and justifications.

You’ve got this computer running with past and future, and you believe this “I”.

Be co-dependent at home. There’s one person to talk to and listen to: you.

If I could hold you in my arms the rest of my life, I would, but I’d have to go to the toilet sooner or later, or you would.

If my husband told me he’d met someone else, I’d really want to meet her. Because she’d have to be pretty fantastic for him to be attracted to her! And then I’d ask for half the money. And if he said no, I’d let him have it and make my own money.

I’d say “bless your heart, sweetheart,” but it’s too late. You’re already blessed.

Blindness is a state of mind. It’s not physical.

The mind believes the images. It creates images to make me an authority.

It’s about meditation, silence, stillness, and contemplation.

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