Recovering from the flu

It’s Thursday evening. Last weekend I had the flu. It really slammed me hard Saturday evening. Still feverish and lethargic on Sunday.

I stayed home Monday. Although my fever was down, my energy was low. I was really worried about how long it would take to fully recover, since I have movers coming tomorrow (Friday), and I had to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

My energy returned strongly on Monday afternoon. I felt strong and well, and I cleaned out my shed, sorting what to keep and what to give away. (Whatever’s left goes to Goodwill or the Habitat Re-Store. Or maybe I’ll post something on Freecycle.) My appetite returned as well.

All day on Tuesday, I felt crappy. Worked anyway. Had a meeting after work, then child care. Got home after midnight. Didn’t sleep well. Felt contracted, anxious, angry, depressed. Low appetite.

Woke twice during the night with sudden nasal congestion. The second time I got up and took a Claritin. That was weird. It was as if my immune system wasn’t quite all back in order yet.

Wednesday I was tired and felt weird all day. Realized it was probably the lack of sleep and the Claritin. My body has gotten clean and sensitive. Low appetite.

Today, Thursday, I felt good. Recovered. Buoyant. Hungry!

I don’t know if this is a “typical” pattern of recovery from the flu, or if it was particularly speedy. I am very grateful to have my energy back. Plus I lost two pounds!


Wish me good luck on my move!


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